I have been solely Carp Angling for over 28 years now.IMG_5034

I learnt my trade the around 1982 first learning the art of float fishing before trying the various ledgering
tactics like the quive, swing tip and feeder fishing before graduating to rivers and then match fishing. I fished all the inter county police matches in my younger teens but then got the real buzz when our family moved near a lake called Whirley Mere in Cheshire. The lake was full of decent size crucian carp up to about four pound and I regularly used to pick up large bags on the float but just before dark every night the float would dive under and I would strike to an almost instant snapping of the line from ‘the one that got away!’

Two rods soon became the norm with one on the bottom and the other being a float rod and eventually after losing a couple of bigger fish on the ledger rod with them snapping five pound line like cotton, I upped the tackle a bit and started landing these monsters!

I caught a few more and before I knew it the big fish buzz was firmly implanted and I had two rods out for the Carp. Then came the matching buzzers, rods and reels and before I knew it I was camo’d head to toe and becoming used to answering questions like, “what you stay all night?” or “you put them back after all that?!!”

I fished many lakes as I moved around the country with my music career fishing lakes such as Rodney Meadow and Woburn Sands where I caught my first 30lb Carp in 1995. I then moved back North and after a couple of years break from fishing I joined a syndicate called Wyre Lake which was a major stepping stone for me to move into big fish hunting as I upped my personal best a couple of times and became really keen to fish harder lakes and catch bigger fish.

After that I went on to Elstow 2 in Bedfordshire which was by far the hardest lake I had fished because at the time there were only about 17 Carp in a very deep 35 acre pit that was situated in less than enticing terrain.
The plus side was that there were two 40lb plus carp called ‘The Twin’ and ‘The Mother.’
After 23 fishless nights wondering if I would ever catch a carp form the lake, it all came good and I ended up pulling off the lake in October because I had become the first ever angler to catch both the forties in one season.
I went on to catch a 40lb common carp the following spring from a very hard lake in Shropshire containing about 7 carp in 90 acres and then to catch the iconic Single Scale in December at a then personal best of 44lb from the notoriously tricky Yateley Car Park lake.
I went on to catch a number of newsworthy fish from the likes of Fen Drayton, Woolpack, Far Fen, Willington plus many others and I then topped off my fishing career to date with a mahoosive 58.10lb beast from Cambridgeshire’s St Ives. Since then I have caught many more 40lb plus carp, three different 48lb plus Commons with a whopping 54lb.6 Cheshire common putting me in a very small group of anglers to have caught both 50lb plus UK mirror and common carp.

Aside from the Carp Angling my life is taken up with music and event promotion/production focussing in more recent times on the Northern Angling Show which is held at Event City in Manchester each year.
I spend my spare time either fishing or in my recording studio or DJing at various clubs around Europe having performed over 1500 gigs to over half a million people during the last 25 years.





IMG_1887I’ve been fishing ever since my old man brought me a Woolworths starter kit one Christmas. It has been in my blood since and i grew up fishing rivers, canals and ponds around Doncaster. I became dissatisfied with the silver fish on my local canal and spent a time just fishing for the Chub on there. Also the Tench on a local pond where i saw a Carp angler. He was using a 3 rod set-up, monkey climbers and optic bite alarms. I was that annoying kid but he was helpful, answered my questions and was the first carp to make me a brew!

A few friends were carping on a pond called the Willow Garth so i put together what tackle i could for the job and joined them. I caught a few but wasn’t hooked on Carp straight away because i was also getting into the local match scene. That was soon dumped and carp became the sole focus of my angling for many years to come. Local club lakes were my first targets where i learnt my trade. After i’d caught most of what i wanted from them i heard rumours of monstrous Carp from a massive pit called Apex near lincoln. Almost all the rumours turned out to be bull**** but it didn’t stop me enjoying every minute on the place and making some great friends.

By the time i moved on from there id caught the biggest mirror and common in the lake and had set my
sights on breaking the 40b barrier! By that time the weight was just a number as i knew my time would come. That would be next door on Elstow 1 where my first two carp were over 40lb.

Following on from that i spent time on several of the St Ives lakes, Willington, The Wallpack, Swarkestone, Bundy’s and back on Apex amongst others. Along with Carp fishing i occasionally fish for other species and love rivers. I’am also a level 2 qualified course angling coach.